Tracking player actions

Why should I track events?

Players in your game make actions. We call these actions events and only by tracking and analyzing these events you can gain insights needed for crafting of the perfect game.

If you have completed the basic integration few event types (sessions, installs) are already tracked automatically. This means you can start using Infinario and create basic trends, funnels or retentions immediately. However to get the most out of Infinario you should start tracking custom events.

How do I track custom events?

To track events you should use the track() method of the SDK of your choice. Every time you track an event you must specify the event type (e.g. purchase or level start). You can also put more information into a single event by using attributes (e.g. item name or level number).

To give you an idea of how event types and event attributes work please continue to example of tracking a custom event.

Example of tracking a custom event

Use case: We wanted to track that player has completed a quest where he defended Minas Tirith against hordes. We also wanted to know player’s current level as this information is important when assessing how players progress through the game.

Example of the method track():

This code snippet will track event of type quest with three attributes name, status and player_level to current player. For example attribute status will have value completed.

After you track an event you can immediately use it in analyses.

You can find all information related to tracking of events in the Integration section of Technical documentation.

Which custom events should I track?

Depending on the type of your game you want to track events that are essential for the gameplay.

If your game is based on the progress through levels you want to have two event types for the start and end of a level. In the level start eventyou should add attributes like level number, level objective, difficulty, current player gold and so on. On the other hand level end should additionally contain attributes like completion status (level was passed or failed), level reward or if player bought any items in this level.

To help you get started with custom events we have prepared a list of recommended events.

Recommended events

There are several events that we believe are essential in almost every single game. To find the list please go into the Review integration section in the Project overview.