Segment SDK

What is Segment?

Segment is a customer hub that let’s you collect, manage and route customer data to various platforms including Infinario. Infinario has been integrated with Segment since the July of 2015. Learn more about Segment at

When should I use Segment for integration with Infinario?

You should use Segment for integration if you are already using it in your project or you plan to integrate with more platforms supported by the Segment in the future.

However we don’t recommend using Segment if you plan to integrate only with Infinario, the reason being that our custom SDKs offer you a wider range of functionality (automatically tracked sessions and page visits, ability to use push notifications or banner campaigns, web A/B testing and more) than the integration provided by Segment.

Integration guide

To integrate your project with Infinario through Segment you should follow steps in the Segment documentation for Infinario.

Segment integration capabilities

Integration through Segment provides options to track page views, screen views, custom events and also to identify and update player attributes. For more information please have a look at Segment documentation for Infinario.