Player and Events is the basic concept of INFINARIO. Player is unique entity with customisable attributes. May have events what represent player’s activities. Player and event data are perfect foundation for various analyses. And even better for targeting of marketing campaigns and evaluation of campaign responses.

Player Details


Player is the basic entity in our database.

  • Properties are useful for reporting and for dynamic targeting.
  • Players are identified by their unique “registered” ID or by “cookie”.
  • We automatically merge players when both IDs are provided.
  • Most of reports display # of unique players.

Predefined player properties

These players properties have special meaning in the application:

  • first_name, last_name, company_name – only in Player view
  • photo – URL for player photo displayed in Player view
  • email, phone – used in email and SMS campaigns
  • unsubscribed – true if players has unsubscribed from receiving marketing campaigns


Event is an activity related to player.

  • Every event is linked to the player by “player_id“.
  • Event must have a “timestamp“.
  • Each event can have up to 255 various properties.
  • Event properties can be defined on the fly: new events are instantly available on all places.

Common events

These events are auto generated by application:

  • Campaign – from campaign management to track delivery.
  • Rule – from automated campaigns to track utilisation of campaign rules.
  • session_start – from default JavaScript tracking code, tracks start of the session.

What properties and events should my game collect?

Design of right player properties, events and event properties is really an art. We believe that each business has its own specifics and should design its own data structure. There isn’t universal recipe valid for every business. But don’t be afraid to experiment.

Suggestion for player properties

Scenario Player properties
Default in system
  • first_name, last_name, company, photo – use in lists
  • email, phone, unsubscribed – use in campaigns
Geo and demographic
  • birthdate, gender
  • country, state, city, district
Social networks
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – account names or profile
  • By Source
  • By Value
  • By Location

Download (Backup)

To do a backup of your data hit download at the bottom of player list. This will create CSV with all your players and their properties. Events are not exported! We recommend doing backup before if you want to delete your data.